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Services: Photoshoot Art Direction


I've had the privilege of working with Judy Anderson on multiple campaigns over the last few years. She is creatively driven but also incredibly organised, efficient and easy to work with. Her briefs are crystal clear and well communicated. Collaborating with Judy is a joy, she has a wonderful eye for creative direction but isn't afraid to dive in and get her hands dirty on photoshoots.


Highly recommended!


Yie Sanderson - Photographer

CAROUSEL 1-designmotiv-kushushu2.jpg
Photoshoot Art Direction
Sleeping Koala



Services: Graphic Design


“I have had the pleasure of working with Judy on a wide range of creative projects for different industries over many years and I am always inspired by her talent and dedication. Judy has worked with me in my role at WIRES, to help rebrand the organisation assisting with critical logo development and she has worked with WIRES to create a range of educational and promotional materials over recent years. Judy is a true artist, with excellent illustration, graphic design, textile design and fashion design skills, and she is passionate about quality customer service. I look forward to more opportunities to work with her on future projects and highly recommend her to others.”


Kyla Shelley, Chief Operating Officer WIRES




SERVICES: Textile design | Fashion Design | Garment Development


"Judy Anderson is a product developer and fashion designer who understands her
intended customer. Judy's strength is that she is able to creatively navigate complex design processes in an investigative and innovative manner.

With an ability to explore concepts to create the "dream" piece, Judy collaborated with me to coordinate and conceive a bespoke collection which evolved throughout the design process to parallel my vision.

Judy is an accomplished designer and understands the greater plan to bring a collection to fruition. She consistently reviewed each detail from how the prototype garment worked with the silhouette to fabric print design and development."

Carmel O’Keefe - Founder Loolaba Shaper Swimwear

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Loolaba Swimwear
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SERVICES: Textile Design | Garment Development


“Working with Judy is such a joy! Her intuitive and creative approach to the brief has resulted in some truly beautiful print designs for us.


Judy’s knowledge and expertise in pattern making paired with her insightful guidance on how to navigate the industry have been invaluable for our Startup Swimwear label.”


Danielle Lumbus -  Business Owner Q West Swim & Resort




Services: Fashion Design | Garment Development | Graphic Design 


I can’t recommend Judy from DesignMotiv enough!
I have so much to say here, but I’ll summarise it as best as I can! 

3 years ago, I had this brilliant business idea to create Leakproof swimwear however I had absolutely
no idea how to create it!

I researched many different pattern makers and Judy was my top pick! And what a great choice Judy was!

Judy’s expertise wasn’t just pattern designing, she helped with my whole process from very start to finish, from fabric researching to fabric testing, garment design, graphic design, packaging, recommendations to other places I needed throughout the process; from laboratories, manufactures and so on - Judy’s expertise are endless!

Judy is not only super easy to work with, but she is a
l so very detailed and thorough and guides you
through every step needed to undertake your project
- whatever it may be!

Thank you so much, Judy, I would recommend absolutely anyone to you!

Lisa Bullen - My secret swim

Cutting Fabric


Services: Textile Design | Garment Development

Working with Judy has been an absolutely life-saver (and sanity - saver)! Being a new business, I had been dealing with trying to do everything myself - engaging Judy has
been one of the best decisions I have made so far in the process! The incredibly detailed, factory-friendly tech packs she created for my designs has, not only saved me hours in going back - and - forth with factories, but ensures my samples are produced perfectly each time. I wish I had engaged Judy’s services sooner!

Not only has she helped me bring ideas to life, but her many years of industry experience have helped me elevate my products in both design and function. Judy has helped me along all stages of garment development, and has made the process so much easier.

As a designer myself, I can be quite pedantic about what I am looking for visually, and I have struggled to find contractors who can bring my ideas to fruition. Judy has exceeded my expectations with every single piece of work. It is so nice to know you are in the absolute best hands, and to know that every piece of work is completed at an exceptionally professional standard. 


Judy’s textile design services have been a highlight for me - she has managed to capture and improve upon every print idea we have worked on, and brings so much value to the table. I don’t know how you manage to get inside my head and create exactly what I am after - but I’m so grateful! Thank you, Judy - you have helped make this journey so much more enjoyable and I really treasure all the time, experience and quality you have brought into my brand! Looking forward to many more years working together!

Jess Nugent - Stae Active




Services: Graphic Design


Graphic designs and logos saturate our lives so when it came to defining a logo and branding material for my own company, I was unsure of what I wanted. 

Judy was able to extract my preferences, provide multiple design options and gently guide me throughout the decision making process until we had created logo material that thoroughly represents my brand.


I am very happy with the outcome, and I would recommend Judy’s services. When it comes to graphic design, colour, form and creativity, Judy is very talented.

Kim Harvie, Founder Piper Jones


Services: Fashion Design and Garment Development

Judy is exceptionally good at her craft. Judy took my ideas and converted them into lovely, flattering designs.


Judy guided me through all stages of the development process and was always willing to help whenever I got “stuck”.

I appreciated working with Judy, her openness, and her commitment to developing my brand and its vision. I look forward to developing more product ideas and designs with Judy in the future.

Kim Harvie, Founder Piper Jones



I can help you with print, illustration and design services for all surfaces.

Whether you need help with fashion, surface, textile or graphic design, I can help you with the unique look needed for your label.

Please get in touch today to discuss your design requirements.

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